Managing your teams’ skills in the face of future job changes

Smartesy is a strategic approach that guides you, step by step and in a collaborative way, in the development of your teams’ skills.

Discover how Loyco’s Healthcare team has transformed its skills to anticipate the increasing digitization of its routine activities and make a long-term commitment to high value-added activities.

Need help digitizing your training material ?

Discover how to easily build your own Digital Campus with Claned, a Finnish pioneer in learning technologies.

Discover an Intelligent Platform designed to engage your teams through social learning.


Imagine future opportunities with your team

The progressive digitalization of your employees’ routine activities will inevitably save time. This time is precious and necessary to address opportunities with higher added value.

With the help of rigorously creative workshops, you and your collaborators will be able to imagine new opportunities that will both stimulate your teams and satisfy the customers who will benefit from them.


Validate the real expectations of your customers

In a digital context characterized by the volatility of needs, the surest way to consider the most relevant future needs is undoubtedly to discuss them directly with customers.

On the basis of the new services imagined by your teams, prospective research and interviews with your customers, you will be able to establish your own prospective scenario.


Plan for skill development

Realistic identification of needs with clients allows for the setting of certain priorities. The next step is to grasp the gap between your ambitions and the current skills of your teams.

By analyzing skills from both technical (hard skills) and sensitive (soft skills) angles, you will be able to determine a skill gap and design a realistic Learning & Development plan for your team.

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